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The Magalia brand represents the union of tens of farmers from the town of Maella in the Lower Aragon (Bajo Aragón) region. We are united by our common goals, working hard to constantly improve quality, whilst basing ourselves on the historical, local tradition of working the land. Generation after generation of Maella men and women have given their land the respect and understanding it needed to be able to earn a respectable living and maintain a way of life. The constant symbiosis between the land and the climate make this a fascinating task and Magalia also represents the fruits which we harvest from our fields. These fruits are certified with a guarantee of origin as well as showing respect for our local traditions and know-how. Our products pay homage to our parents who gave us our lands and taught us to cultivate them.

Magalia also stands for a firm commitment on behalf of all the farmers to guarantee the maximum quality of our products. Our mission is to produce our star product, the Calanda Peach, which is enjoyed in more than 20 different countries around Europe. As well as the Calanda peach, our aim is to produce other fruit varieties, whilst maintaining and caring for our 100 year old Empeltre variety olive trees as well as our vineyards, whose roots run deep in our soils and  our almond trees which produce one of the most important nuts of the area.

Quality and Designation of Origin

Magalia’s quality products are guaranteed under three Designations of Origin and two Quality Assurance Certificates.

We are registered in the three different Designations of Origin (appellations) which relate to our area: D.O. Melocotón de Calanda (Calanda Peaches, for the production of this late ripening fruit covered in paper bags to protect them from insect damage), D.O. Aceite de Bajo Aragón (Lower Aragon Olive Oil for extra virgin oils made with Empeltre olives), as well as the Protected Geographical Indication, “Vinos de la Tierra del Bajo Aragón” (“Wines of the Land of Lower Aragon).

Our continuously updated facilities, offer the necessary technology to carry out our work and we are constantly improving production processes, guaranteed by the most demanding quality certificates, which you can see in this link: Please click on the name of the certificate to download it.


Click the name of the certificate for download

We produce lots of different varieties of fruit, from May to October, mainly APRICOT, NECTARINE AND PEACH

We grow late ripening peaches, qualified by the D.O. Melocotón de Calanda appellation and which are protected during ripening on the tree in small paper bags to avoid insect damage. We also produce red and white peaches, red and white nectarines, cherries and plums. The climate of our area allows us to extend the production of our fresh fruit from mid-May until mid-October.

Melocotón de Calanda “Calanda Peaches”

The Designation of Origin Melocotón de Calanda or Calanda Peach has reached a high level of market prestige thanks to its large size and excellent flavours.

Its original black label guarantees minimum sweetness of 12 degrees Brix, which is the minimum level in which peaches emit their attractive aroma. Our prestigious Calanda Peaches are available in September and October. All D.O. Calanda peaches are hand-bagged by our growers. This is a hard task as it means the peaches are put into small paper bags whilst still ripening on the tree. The results are found later on in the quality of the peach and our consumer’s satisfaction.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made with Empeltre and Arbequina

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made with Empeltre and Arbequina olives, pay a golden homage to our ancestors’ traditional way of working.

Extra virgin olive oil is a key foodstuff in a healthy Mediterranean Diet, with obvious health benefits. It is also a pleasant foodstuff to consume as well as being a product which has been cultivated in our area for many centuries. Our olive farmers own century-old trees, which bear witness to the deeply rooted traditions of working this fruit in our area.

Bajo Aragón (Lower Aragon) olive oil can be defined by its clarity, exempt of cloudiness or sediment and by its yellow colour with hints of old gold, a characteristic of the Empeltre olive variety. It is also recognised by its mild taste which flows pleasantly through the mouth and which reminds us of the olive’s fragrance. The Empeltre olive can also be served as a table olive and this is very typical in our area. It is also one of our consumers’ most popular olive varieties.
We also make extra virgin Arbequina variety olive oil. This olive variety offers very different characteristics to the Empeltre olive and yet produces a high quality, slightly fruity olive oil from our groves.

Vinos de la Tierra del Bajo Aragón (Wines of the Land of Lower Aragón), Red and White Garnacha (Grenache) wines full of character

Our vineyards are located between our fruit trees and our dry-farmed lands. We started planting vines a few decades ago and our grapes have become an important part of our total fruit production. Garnacha Tinta (Red Grenache), this delicate and well-known grape variety, has found a good home in our area. Thanks to our producers’ care and our well-equipped winery, the wines made from them are high quality with a delicate bouquet. Our terroir is best expressed in our red and white wines with Garnatxa Blanca (White Grenache) as the main component.

The vineyards of “Vino de la Tierra del Bajo Aragón” (Wines of the Lands of Lower Aragón) cover an extensive area of the region, where the lay of the land, acidity of the soil and our climate make our Reds, Rosés and Whites the best quality around and well loved by consumers.

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